Tidy Tuesday: Paralympic Medals

By Katie Press in TidyTuesday

August 4, 2021

The Paralympic Games

Today’s post covers circular barplots in ggplot2 and interactivity using the ggiraph package. This week’s Tidy Tuesday dataset contains information from the Paralympic Games scraped from the web. I noticed that the dataset didn’t include the winter games, which is something I wanted to look at. So I decided to re-scrape the data myself. The datset can be found on Kaggle, and the original code for scraping is in my Github (linked in the Kaggle description). The linked dataset includes all years for the summer and winter games, and I tried to clean the athlete names a bit more since scraping data isn’t always clean and pretty.

I thought I would put the final plots up here at the top of the post for anyone who just wants to play with the reactivity. Continue on to the rest of the post to see the code.

Summer Games

Winter Games